Theater of Homes® PREMIUM

Theater of Homes® PREMIUM, our highest-level video product, is a high-definition (HD) video tour of the property. Price is $550. The video tour is as long as it takes to beautifully present the best the property has to offer. We can integrate still images you may have which capture "magic moments" at the property.

Then we prepare the property’s video tour for widespread Internet distribution, including YouTube. The key is your having our professionally produced video tour.

Included is an RMLS-compatible version of your video tour, which you may attach to your RMLS listing. Then other Realtors and Buyers searching RMLS will be able to see the best the property has to offer, and you will enjoy an edge over the competition.

Also included with your PREMIUM order is a branded Flash version of your video we will produce. This is a personal webpage we host for you for free and which you and your clients may access whenever desired. Your PREMIUM video will instantly play, and along side your video is all your contact information and your photo, if you desire. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE OF THIS BRANDED FLASH PREMIUM VIDEO UPGRADE.

If you request, we will also produce five DVDs of your video tour (a $39 value which is included as part of the PREMIUM package), with additional DVD copies available at $1.50 each.

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