Theater of Homes® tips for successful property videotaping

We are looking forward to videotaping your property! We appreciate in advance your courtesy in respecting our time limitations and your being as prepared as possible for our visit. We also appreciate in advance your management of any pets or livestock.

There are two basic themes helpful in this situation. The first: Less is more. Clutter does not best present your property. The goal is for prospective purchasers to project their own possessions and lifestyles into the setting of your property. The second: Take a look at your property with the prospective purchaser’s point of view in mind. What would create interest, appeal and perceived value to you, as a prospective purchaser, in seeing your property? We at Theater of Homes will do our best to present the very best aspects of your property, and with your help, we will be as effective as possible. Call us with any questions or difficulties you may have.

We invite you to consider these tips for the day of videotaping your property.


Please make any landscaping as presentable as possible
Please make sure any sprinkler system is disabled during our visit
Please sweep or blow walkways, decks and driveway
Please try to disguise, relocate or remove these things:
     Garbage cans
     Automobiles and recreational vehicles
     Please remove any obvious cobwebs
Please try to relocate any, well, ugly visible neighbor-owned vehicles

Please open drapes and be prepared to turn on lights as we shoot each room
Please hide any dishes from view and remove refrigerator magnets or decorations
Please close/put all commode seats down
Please open all shower curtains
Please have all windows and mirrors reasonably clean
Please remove cobwebs
Please remove grooming and hygiene products from view
Please remove toys from view
Please remove evidence of pets
Please make sure fireplace mantles are sparsely decorated
Please remove any piles of magazines or newspapers from view